Technical bulletin — Announcing Adobe Flash End-of-Life impact on TrueSight Operations Management

Announcing Adobe Flash End-of-Life and its impact on TrueSight Operations Management

TrueSight Operations Management 10.7 uses Adobe Flash in the legacy TrueSight Infrastructure Management operator console. Adobe has announced the end-of-life for Flash, after which Adobe Systems will officially stop updating and distributing Adobe Flash.

The major browsers, including Google ChromeMozilla Firefox, and Microsoft's Internet Explorer, will no longer support Adobe Flash at the end of 2020. Until its removal, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have, by default, disabled Adobe Flash and require explicit permissions from the user to activate it on a website. However, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge continue to support Adobe Flash until its removal.

The TrueSight Infrastructure Management console will be accessible until Adobe Flash’s end-of-life (end of 2020), with no direct impact to functionalities. In the next release of TrueSight Operations Management, which is tentatively scheduled for the third quarter of the calendar year 2020, the TrueSight Infrastructure Management operator console will be discontinued.

Future plan

A set of selected workflows are planned to be migrated to the TrueSight console (also known as TrueSight Presentation Server console) or made available as command. 

For details about the workflows that are planned to be migrated and to get the Adobe Flash end-of-life roadmap, you can contact your Account Manager.

BMC's earlier announcement about this can be accessed here.

No impact for Infrastructure Management Administration Console

The TrueSight Infrastructure Management Administration Console does not utilize Adobe Flash. Therefore, it is not impacted or removed from TrueSight Operations Management.

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