TEA Agent system requirements

This topic lists hardware and software requirements that must be met for virtual machine-based components and for other components before installing and using the Transaction Execution Adapter  Agent (TEA Agent). The following topics are presented:

TrueSight App Visibility server

To run synthetic monitoring, you must have a functioning App Visibility server. The App Visibility server and the TEA Agents must be the same version.

See System requirements for App Visibility Manager and Installing App Visibility Manager components for more details.

Scripting requirements and Silk Performer

Silk Performer for TrueSight Operations Management is the utility that enables an application specialist to record or author .ltz scripts that simulate user transactions. BMC provides some basic scripts and you can create your own realistic and customizable scripts with Silk Performer. Synthetic monitoring supports script protocols created with Silk Performer, such as HTTP, SAP, and Citrix.

Each computer with the TEA Agent requires an execution module to run the scripts. On each TEA Agent computer, install the full Silk Performer installation, or a smaller agent installation.

To take advantage of support for the latest Silk Performer features, ensure that your system has the latest version of Silk Performer or the agent.

See the Silk Performer Installation Guide for more details.

System requirements for the TEA Agent

Support for third-party products

To receive full support for a BMC product, you must have such product installed in a supported environment, as specified in the BMC product documentation. If a third-party vendor cancels support for one of its products (such as an operating system or subsystem), and that third-party product integrates or interacts with the BMC product you have licensed, you must upgrade to a supported version of that third-party product before BMC Customer Support can provide you with support for the affected BMC product. For further information, see BMC's product support policy. Open link

Before installing a Synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter (TEA) Agent to monitor synthetic transactions, ensure that the host computer complies with the requirements described in the following sections.

Hardware requirements for the TEA Agent

The TEA Agent computer requires the following minimum resource requirements:

  • 245 MB of free disk space for installation 
  • 50 GB of free disk space for scripts and execution logs*
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 2 CPUs

*The amount of disk space is a minimum recommendation for normal usage. The actual space needed may vary based on your usage.

If you run more than one TEA Agent on the same computer, multiply the resources depending on the number of TEA agents that you have.  For example, If you have 3 TEA Agents on a system, you need 150 GB of space (3 * 50 GB), 6 CPUs (3* 2 CPUs) and 12 GB of RAM (3* 4 GB).  You may need even more resources depending on the complexity and resource use of your scripts.

Software requirements for the TEA Agent

Before installing the TEA Agent, verify that the Agent computer meets the following software requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows operating system:
    • Microsoft Windows 2008 R2
    • Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit
    • Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit
    • Microsoft Windows 8.1 32-bit
    • Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit
    • Microsoft Windows 10
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Microsoft Windows 2016


 To run multiple Silk Test scripts in parallel, a Windows Server edition platform is required.

  • Silk Performer agent: On the TEA Agent computer, install a Silk Performer agent to run the scripts. You can install the full TrueSight Synthetic Monitor with Silk Performer scripting utility, or the smaller Silk Performer agent.

    Run the Silk Performer installation utility as an administrator on the TEA Agent computer.

Network Time Protocol (NTP) synchronization


The data handled by application monitoring components, including all server components and agents, is time sensitive. If the time between components is not synchronized, you might see incorrect or partial data, or you might not see any data.

Consult your operating system documentation to synchronize each component's internal clock with an NTP server on your network or on the Internet. Ensure that the clocks are regularly synchronized.

This applies to all App Visibility server components and every Synthetic TEA Agent.

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