Setting up the cluster in Linux 7.x

Perform the following steps:

  1. Install the Red Hat High Availability Add-On software packages along with all available fence agents from the High Availability channel running the following command:
    yum install pcs pacemaker fence-agents-all
  2. Disable the firewall service by running the following command:
    systemctl disable firewalld.service
  3. To use pcs to configure the cluster and communication among nodes, set a password on each node for the user ID on each node in the cluster, by running the following command:
    passwd hacluster
    It is recommended that the password for user hacluster be the same on each node.
  4. On each node in the cluster, execute the following commands to start the pcsd service and to enable pcsd at system start:
    systemctl start pcsd.service
    systemctl enable pcsd.service
  5. Authenticate the pcs user hacluster for each node in the cluster on the node from which you will run pcs.
    For example, the is a two-node cluster, where and are the nodes. For each node in the cluster, the following commands authenticate the user hacluster:
    pcs cluster auth 

  6. Configure pcs cluster by using the following link and using the hacluster user credentials: 
  7. Click Manage Clusters, and select Create to create a cluster.
  8. Set the following properties:
    pcs property set stonith-enabled=false
    pcs property set no-quorum-policy=ignore

  9. Create a partition on one node and save it.

  10. To create filesystem shared disk on two nodes, use the following commands on the nodes:


    mkfs-ext4 /dev/<partition name>



  11. Go to and add the filesystem & IP address. 

  12. Restart the server.

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