Running the set_system_parameter_oracle_pnet.sql script

Before you create a new Oracle user, ensure that you copy the Oracle folder that contains the set_system_parameter_oracle_pnet.sql script to the Oracle server.


  • You must be a SYS user or a user with SYSDBA privileges to run this script.
  • You must run this script on the Oracle server.
  • You must use the Auto Memory Management (AMM) option for setting the memory_max_target and memory_target parameters.
  • Navigate to the Utilities\oracle\11G folder (for Oracle 11.x) or the Utilities\oracle\12C\CDB folder (for Oracle 12c).


    Ensure that you navigate to the directory and run the script from the directory.

    For example, cd Utilities\Oracle\11G

  • Run the following command:

    (For Oracle 11.x) sqlplus SYS/<password>@ <SID>/<service_name> as sysdba
    (For Oracle 12c) sqlplus SYS/<password>@ <CDB>/<service_name> as sysdba
  • Run the set_system_parameter_oracle_pnet.sql script on the Oracle server.

    SQL> @set_system_parameter_oracle_pnet.sql
  • Restart the Oracle database. The script verifies whether the set parameters appears in the Oracle database.
  • If you have already created users in Oracle, create user accounts and tablespaces for these users. You can do this by any one of the following methods:


You can also create new users using the Infrastructure Management installer. For more information, see Installing BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server with Oracle as the database.

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