Running the OracleSchemaPreInstallCheck.sql script

After you created a new Oracle user and set up the INIT parameters, ensure that you copy the Oracle folder that contains the OracleSchemaPreInstallCheck.sql script to the Oracle server.


  • You must be a SYS user or a user with SYSDBA privileges to run this script.
  • You must run this script on the Oracle server.
  1. Navigate to the Utilities\oracle folder.

    For example, cd Utilities\Oracle

  2. Run the following command: 

    (For Oracle 11.x) sqlplus SYS/<password>@ <SID>/<service_name> as sysdba
    (For Oracle 12c) sqlplus SYS/<password>@ <PDB>/<service_name> as sysdba
  3. Run the OracleSchemaPreInstallCheck.sql script on the Oracle server.

    SQL> @OracleSchemaPreInstallCheck.sql <Infrastructure_Management_User> <Infrastructure_Management_Report_User> <Infrastructure_Management_Version>

    For example,  @OracleSchemaPreInstallCheck.sql PROACT PROACTRU 11.0
    The status report is generated in the oracle_specific_PreInstall_log.html file. Review this file for all OK status. 


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