Registering App Visibility Manager with the Presentation Server

Add one and only one App Visibility portal for each tenant that you monitor with the TrueSight Presentation Server. In a high-availability environment, the connection to a portal is through its load-balancing server.

In a system integrated with Infrastructure Management, associate the App Visibility portal with an Infrastructure Management Server cell to see the App Visibility events in the TrueSight console.

  1. In the TrueSight console, go to Administration > Components, select the action menu next to Components, and select Add Component.

  2. For the component type, select App Visibility Portal.

  3. In Host Name or IP Address enter a valid fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

    In a high-availability environment, enter the FQDN of the load-balancing server.


    If the Cannot add App Visibility Portal using IP address or host name. Use fully qualified domain name instead. message appears, re-enter a valid FQDN. 

    • The name cannot start or end with a dash ( - ) or contain any spaces.
    • The name must be at least 3 segments separated by periods (.).
    • Each segment must not exceed 63 characters.
    • The name cannot be an IP address.


    (error) localhost is not a legal FQDN

    (error) is not a legal FQDN

    (tick) is a legal FQDN

  4. Accept the Port number (default value 8100), or enter a new value.
    In a high-availability environment, enter the port number of the load-balancing server.

  5. Select any of the listed tenants.
    The list includes each tenant defined in the Remedy Single Sign-On system, and each tenant can have only one App Visibility portal.

  6. Under Custom Setting, choose one of the following event destinations:

    • Select an Infrastructure Management Server. 
      The list displays the Infrastructure Management Servers that are associated with the tenant that you selected.

    • Select Customize Cell Details, and enter the Cell Host, Cell Port (default value 1828), and Encryption Key for the cell.
      These settings are for the administration cell of an Infrastructure Management Server that is connected to the TrueSight Presentation Server, or a remote cell that is itself connected to the administration cell of an Infrastructure Management Server connected to the TrueSight Presentation Server. Only customized cells connected to an Infrastructure Management Server v10.x are supported.
    • Select No Event Channel Selected.
      With this option, no events are reported from the App Visibility portal.

7. Click Save.

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