Reestablishing a lost connection to the Oracle database

Infrastructure Management automatically reconnects to the Oracle database if the database connection is lost temporarily. The database connection may be lost due to many factors, such as network latency and unresponsive database due to high system load. This is applicable only to the Oracle database. 

The database reconnection mechanism will not work while the following operations are running:

  • Auto Work Flow (Create/Update/Delete of Monitor Types/instances/devices/groups)
  • Devices (Create/Update/Delete)
  • Graphs (Create/Update/Delete)
  • SLA (Create/Update/Delete)
  • Groups (Create/Update/Delete)
  • Partitioning
  • Baselining
  • Schema creation during installation
  • Monitor wizard (Create/Update/Delete)
  • CLI
  • Integration Service (Add/Update/Delete)

If the database connection goes down for more than one minute and if the connection is not established, the Administrator is notified through an e-mail message that there is a problem connecting to the database.

To reconnect to the database

  1. Check the e-mail message and the ProactiveNet.log for the error "Failed to establish DB connection after retries ."
  2. Check the network connection and the database server status.
  3. Restart the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server after restoring the database connection.

The following is an example of the e-mail message sent to the Administrator.


The TSIM server running on "kali" server has not been able to establish connectivity with the database.
Please address the database connectivity problem and restart the TSIM server.
Please address the database connectivity problem and restart the TSIM server.
Database server details
•  Database Host: < _hostname:port number_
•  SID: < _SID_
•  Status: Unreachable
•  Status: Unreachable
- TSIM Server.
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