Preparing to install the TrueSight Operations Management solution

The TrueSight Operations Management solution comprises several components that require that you complete pre-installation tasks to ensure a successful installation of the components.

In addition to the following tasks, each component product requires that you complete pre-installation activities: 

The following table contains links to the preinstallation tasks for the component products.

Preparing to install...Component product description

Remedy SSO (with the TrueSight installer)

Remedy SSO (with the Remedy installer)

Remedy SSO acts as the default single sign-on tool to manage tenants, user groups, and users for the TrueSight Operations Management solutions and other integrated products.


 Ensure that you have read the Deployment options for Remedy SSO topic before you proceed to install the Remedy SSO.

TrueSight Presentation Server

The TrueSight Presentation Server receives and analyzes data that is displayed in the TrueSight console.

As the hub of the TrueSight Operations Management environment, BMC strongly recommends that you install the TrueSight Presentation Server before installing the other TrueSight Operations Management components.

Note: Before installing the TrueSight Presentation Server, you must install Remedy Single Sign-On.

TrueSight Infrastructure Management 

TrueSight Infrastructure Management integrates with TrueSight Presentation Server to enable tools that help IT Operations monitor and manage the infrastructure or aid in troubleshooting and remediation of outages, and comprises the following components:

  • TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers
  • Integration Service and cell
App Visibility server

The TrueSight App Visibility Manager server receives and analyzes data from the end user's browser and from the TrueSight App Visibility Manager agents for Java and .NET that are installed on web application servers, and from the synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter (TEA) Agent.

App Visibility agent for Java

The TrueSight App Visibility Manager agents for Java and agents for .NET monitor the performance and availability of applications running on application servers.

App Visibility agent for .NET
TEA AgentThe TEA Agent monitors the performance and reliability of worldwide applications through synthetic (also called robotic) transactions.

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