Preparing for the App Visibility server installation

The following topics provide information about preparing your environment before you install the App Visibility server:

Preinstallation tasks for the App Visibility server components

To prepare for the App Visibility proxy component

As the system administrator, configure your network to ensure that the App Visibility proxy can collect end-user browser data, and pass it on to the App Visibility collector and portal.

Before you install the App Visibility proxy, configure the following items:

  1. Define a host name that resolves to the App Visibility proxy’s IP address, or to a Virtual IP on a load balancing server.
  2. Create a certificate in which the Common Name matches the defined host name.
  3. Configure the load balancing server to do the following actions:
    • Negotiate HTTPS using the certificate created in Step 2.
    • Redirect end-user HTTP/HTTPS requests from this host name to the host:port of the App Visibility proxy.

Where to go from here

Select an installation method for the App Visibility server:

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