Performing the App Visibility agent for .NET upgrade silently

As a system administrator, you can upgrade each App Visibility agent for .NET using the silent upgrade procedure, as described in this topic, and deploy the silent upgrade to several computers, or you can upgrade each Agent using the upgrade wizard procedure.

After you upgrade an agent, it runs using the same log files and configuration, and the same agent policy and recording configuration apply.

Before you begin

Download the App Visibility agent for .NET installation files from the Electronic Product Distribution site to a temporary directory on the agent computer.

You must have administrative privileges for the application server that will be monitored.

To upgrade an App Visibility agent for .NET silently

  1. Copy and extract the files to a directory on the target computer.

  2. Run the following command:
    setup.exe -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE=<fullFilePath>\agent-silent-upgrade-option.txt

The utility installs the current version with the same values as the earlier installation.


Behavior of agent and agent policy after upgrade

Upgrading the App Visibility agent does not change the agent policy files. Agent policy files are upgraded with the App Visibility server, and they contain the new features for the agents. The agent for .NET continues to use the same agent policy file as before the upgrade.

Where to go from here

Verify that upgrade of the agent for .NET is successful and that the agent to sending data.

If you upgraded your App Visibility server, and you enabled high availability in the upgraded version, ensure that you change the settings of the App Visibility agent to connect to the portal's load balancing server.

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