Performing Remedy SSO installation silently with the Remedy installer

You can deploy Remedy SSO in one of the following ways:

  • By using the TrueSight installer for Remedy SSO - This is a consolidated installer that contains all the prerequisite software for Remedy SSO, and can be used for a unified install experience. It only supports PostgreSQL database.
  • By using the Remedy SSO installer - This contains only the Remedy SSO Server. It doesn't contain prerequisite software, such as JRE and Tomcat. It supports databases like MS SQLServer and Oracle, apart from PostgreSQL.

This topic provides instructions for performing Remedy Single Sign-On (Remedy SSO) installation using the Remedy SSO installer. You can perform the silent (unattended) installation following the instructions given in this topic.

Preparing to install Remedy SSO in a silent mode

  1. Ensure that you have verified the Remedy SSO cookie domain matches with the Presentation Server domain name. 

    For a successful authorization, the Presentation Server domain name and the the Remedy SSO cookie domain must belong to the same network domain or one of the parent domains.

    • Example: Correct use of cookie domain
      • is the cookie domain of Remedy SSO
      • <tspshostname> is the Presentation Server FQDN
    • Example: Wrong use of cookie domain
      • is the cookie domain of Remedy SSO 
      • <tspshostname> is the Presentation Server FQDN
  2. Create an options.txt file.

To install Remedy Single Sign-On in a silent mode

Where to go from here

To configure the Remedy SSO settings, see Configuring the general settings in the Remedy SSO server.

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