Integrating with TrueSight Capacity Optimization

After installing TrueSight Capacity Optimization and the Presentation Server, you must complete the following procedures to enable access to the capacity views, the Investigate tool, and TrueSight Cloud Cost Control from the TrueSight console.

  1. Add the TrueSight Capacity Optimization component to the Presentation Server.
  2. To access capacity views: Install capacity views in the TrueSight console, as described in  Installing capacity views.

To add the Capacity Optimization component to the Presentation Server

  1. In the TrueSight console, click Administration > Components.
  2. In the Components page, select the action menu next to Components, and select Add Component.

  3. For the component type, select Capacity Optimization.

  4. Enter the Host name of the Application Server component of TrueSight Capacity Optimization and the IP address of the Data Hub port.


    Adding an IP address is no longer supported. With an IP address, access to the Capacity Optimization console, which is hosted on the Application Server, from the TrueSight console fails. You must edit the host name of the Application Server that was added in the past after you upgrade the Presentation Server.

  5. Select the Protocol as HTTPS or HTTP. The default is HTTPS. 
  6. Accept the Port default value (8280).

  7. Accept * as the default tenant, or select any of the listed tenants. The list includes each tenant defined in the Remedy Single Sign-On system.

  8. Click Save.

    The Capacity Optimization component is added and is listed in the Components page.

    The Capacity folder is available in the left navigation pane of the console and you can start accessing it.

To know the next steps in installing or configuring the TrueSight Capacity Optimization components, see  Installing TrueSight Capacity Optimization .

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