Installing Remedy SSO

Remedy Single Sign-On (Remedy SSO) acts as the authentication tool to manage tenants (realms), user groups, and users for the TrueSight Presentation Server and the other integrated products. Therefore, you must install the Remedy SSO Server before installing the TrueSight Presentation Server and its integrated component such as Infrastructure Management Server.

If you are an existing Remedy SSO user and you want to configure it to work with the Presentation Server, you must review the Planning the Remedy Single Sign-On Deployment section for the system requirements and follow the instructions in Upgrading Remedy SSO from an earlier version to Open link to upgrade if required. After upgrading the Remedy SSO, you can proceed to configuring the Remedy SSO server section of this document.

Before you begin

Read and understand all the information and perform the necessary prerequisite procedures mentioned in the Planning the Remedy Single Sign-On Server deployment section before installing the Remedy SSO Server.

Follow the topics in these sections to install:

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