Installing multiple Integration Services on a single computer (Microsoft Windows)

By installing multiple Integration Services on a single system, you can partition the monitoring into different domains and maximize hardware usage. Multiple BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers in different locations can connect to different Integration Services running on the same computer. Each Integration Service can collect a different set of data authorized for its respective BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server. 


Installing multiple Integration Services on a single computer adds an additional load on the computer in terms of CPU, IO, Memory, and TCP buffer.

You can opt to install a new instance of the Integration Service or alternatively, you can upgrade an existing Integration Service by selecting from the list displayed. If you want to upgrade an existing Integration Service, see Upgrading the Integration Service.


Do not install an earlier version of the Integration Service on the same computer where a Integration Service version is already installed.

To install an additional Integration Service on a computer where a Integration Service is already installed

The procedure to install multiple integration services is similar to installing the Integration Service for the first time.

  1. Follow the procedure described in Installing Integration Service and Infrastructure Management Remote Cell.
  2. If WinPCAP application is installed, on the local agent Installation dialog box, click Yes to overwrite the IP Top10 detailed diagnostics.
  3. On the Port Input panel, enter a unique port number (no other Integration Service should have the same port number) in the range of 1024-65535 for the Integration Service that you are installing, and click Next.
  4. Click Finish.


    The computer requires time to update installation information. BMC recommends that you wait for a minimum of five seconds between installations.

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