Installation requirements for Infrastructure Management

Ensure that the target computers for Infrastructure Management meet or exceed the system requirements. For information about system requirements, see the Infrastructure Management online technical documentation at System requirements and product compatibility for Infrastructure Management.

Requirements for installations on all operating systems

In addition to meeting the system requirements in the online technical documentation, ensure that all your target computers meet the following requirements:

  • BMC Software recommends that you install Infrastructure Management from a local copy of the installation image and not from a network drive. Installing from a network drive can cause delays in completing the installation.
  • For successful installation, ensure that the host name or cluster name does not contain an underscore (_).
  • Ensure that JAVA is not already installed on the computer on which you are planning to install Infrastructure Management. 
  • If you are using a dual-stack computer, the preinstallation check for port availability may not be performed and therefore you must manually check for the availability of ports.
  • Give read/write and execute permissions to the /opt/bmc directory. The ProductRegistry.xml file is created in the /opt/bmc directory. Therefore, the /opt/bmc directory requires the read/write and execution permissions. If the bmc directory does not exist, create the bmc directory with read/write execute permission.

Requirements for installation on Microsoft Windows operating systems

  • Ensure that the user running the installation program has administrator rights and permissions and is a member of the Administrators group on the target computer.
  • While installing Infrastructure Management on Microsoft Windows operating system in European locales (French, German, and Spanish), ensure that you do not change the default localized Administrators group name. Infrastructure Management installation works with only the default localized Administrators group names. For example:
    • English: Administrators
    • German: Administratoren
    • French: Administrateurs
    • Spanish: Administradores
  • Ensure that the target computer has the most recent patch level for supported Windows operating systems. If it does not, use Microsoft Update (or Windows Update) to update it. For supported versions, see System requirements and product compatibility for Infrastructure Management .
  • If you want users with administrator privileges (not the Administrator user) to access the Infrastructure Management Server after the installation, you must turn off the User Access Control (UAC) before you install the server.
  • Do not install the Infrastructure Management Server in a root directory (for example C: or D: ), on a shared drive, or in the Documents and Settings folder.
  • Perl must not be installed on the target computer where the Infrastructure Management Server is being installed.

Requirements for installations on Linux operating systems

  • Ensure that the user running the installation program is root.
  • Ensure that gzip is installed and present in the PATH environment variable.
  • Do not install the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server or Integration Service in the /usr directory.
  • The installation directory name cannot contain spaces.

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