Installation process overview for Real End User Monitoring Software Edition

You must complete the following steps to successfully install and deploy the Real End User Monitoring Software Edition components: Real User Analyzer, Real User Collector, and Cloud Probe.

Installation and deployment process


Plan the environment

Before downloading the distribution packages, the VM administrator works with the product owner to determine which components, and how many instances of each component, are needed. It is also necessary to determine where each component instance will be put into service (for example, in which data center).

Consult the following topics for an overview of the components of installation, integrations, and other systems required:


Confirm that the TrueSight Presentation Server is installed

The Presentation Server operates as the hub of the operations management environment.

For the Presentation Server installation, it also requires the Installation of Remedy SSO. The Presentation Server will not operate without Remedy Single Sign-On.

3Download the installation files 

After you have downloaded the installation files, extract the installation files from the zipped distribution file to a directory where the root user has write and execute permissions.

4Prepare and certify the deployment environment

Set up and certify the deployment environment by ensuring that the:

5Install the component instances

For installation instructions, see the following procedures:

6Perform the initial component configuration

Open the Real User Analyzer console Open link and establish establish a data feed Open link between the Real User Analyzer and Collector.

Then, perform the initial configuration to set up and activate each component instance.

7Register the componentAfter the Real User Analyzer is installed, register it as a data provider for the Presentation Server.
The analyzer's data can be displayed in the TrueSight console.

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