Implementing private certificates in the TrueSight Presentation Server

The following section guides you to create a signed certificate for the TrueSight Presentation Server.

BMC Confidential. The following information is intended only for registered users of

Where to go from here

Once you secure the TrueSight Presentation Server, you can apply this Presentation Server certificate to other TrueSight Operations Management components such as:

You can also explore how to implement private certificates in other TrueSight Operations Management components.

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  1. Anthony Valuikas

    Unless I am missing something, based off of line 30 shouldn't logonvault-update.ks on line 31 really be loginvault.ks.orig? (typo in line 30 also)

    1. Rename the loginvalut.ks file as loginvault.ks.orig
    2. Copy logonvault-update.ks keystore file and rename it as loginvault.ks
    Mar 29, 2018 01:00
    1. Rashmi Gokhale


      Thank you for the feedback. 

      Have fixed the typo. 

      The sequence is

      loginvault.ks is copied as loginvault-update.ks

      Certificates are created and imported into loginvault-update.ks (this is to ensure that the production environment is not disturbed during this certificate creation and import process).

      Once the importing is completed:

      Copy loginvault.ks as loginvault.ks.orig

      Copy loginvault-update.ks (which has new certificates) to loginvault.ks

      Please let me know for any feedback.



      Mar 30, 2018 12:26
  2. Sachin Aru

    Step 23 Copy the RootCA.cer, intermediateCA.cer, and truesightPS.cer to the current directory, and import these certificates into the loginvault-update.ks keystore by running the following command:

    Can you specify current directory here ? ( I guess it should be conf/secure ) ?

    Aug 14, 2018 09:33