High availability deployment for TrueSight Operations Management

High availability (HA) is a redundancy operation that automatically switches to a standby server if the primary server fails or is temporarily shut down for maintenance. The following tables provide resources that you can use to locate planning, installation and configuration, upgrade, and troubleshooting a high-availability deployment. 


The TrueSight Infrastructure Management component supports two different HA methods: application HA and OS clustering. References for both methods are provided in the following tables.

Planning a high-availability deployment

Before downloading the installation files and deploying the TrueSight Operations Management components, review the planning guidelines and requirements. 

Plan to deploy Remedy Single Sign-On for high availability

HTTP configuration for Remedy SSO Open link

Prepare to deploy the TrueSight Presentation Server component for high availability.

TrueSight Presentation Server high availability deployment

Time taken for the standby node to become active

When the standby node is unable to ping the active node, it can take approximately between 5-12 minutes to become active.

Prepare to deploy the TrueSight Infrastructure Management components for high availability.

High-availability deployment and best practices for Infrastructure Management 

Considerations for a high-availability deployment of Infrastructure Management

Network ports for a high-availability deployment of Infrastructure Management1

Supported platforms for High-availability cluster mode

Failover and Failback recovery time

The failover and failback time is the time taken by the server to become fully responsive and for the Infrastructure Management component status to be displayed as connected in the TrueSight console. The failover time is approximately between 10 -15 minutes and the failback time is approximately between 20 - 30 minutes. For more information, see Infrastructure Management Server high-availability architecture. Open link

Prepare to deploy the TrueSight App Visibility Manager component for high availability.

App Visibility Manager high-availability deployment

Prepare to deploy the BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition component for high availability.

High availability recommendations for Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition
1 Application HA method

Installing and configuring TrueSight Operations Management components for high availability

Upgrading TrueSight Operations Management a high-availability environment

Troubleshooting a high-availability deployment

Troubleshoot the HA setup of Remedy Single Sign-On

Troubleshooting Remedy Single Sign-On

Troubleshoot the HA setup of TrueSight Presentation Server

Troubleshooting a high-availability deployment

Troubleshoot the HA setup of TrueSight Infrastructure Management

Troubleshooting an Infrastructure Management high-availability deployment


High-availability architecture diagrams

TrueSight Presentation Server


TrueSight Infrastructure Management

App Visibility Manager 

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