Enabling communication between App Visibility agents and server components

If an application server (agent for Java) or the operating system (agent for .NET) on which the App Visibility agent is installed uses different ciphers than those enabled by default by the App Visibility portal and collector, communication between the agent and the server is not enabled.


The App Visibility agent cannot connect to the portal and collector.

Probable cause

The default ciphers for the App Visibility portal and collector do not have any ciphers in common with those supported by the application server (agent for Java) or the operating system (agent for .NET).


You can update the tomcat.ciphers property for the portal and collector to enable data collection from the agent.

  1. Stop the service or services.

  2. Open the properties file for each component in a text editor:

    • Portal: portal_installationDirectory\portal\properties\portal.properties
    • Each collector: collector_installationDirectory\collector\properties\collector.properties
  3. In each component property file, copy the tomcat.ciphers property.
  4. Comment out one copy (add a hash tag # character to the beginning of the line), creating a commented reference.
  5. Add the required cipher to the non-commented tomcat.ciphers property.

  6. Start the service or services.

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