Downloading Infrastructure Management administrator console software

You can download the installers for remote administration console through the TrueSight console. From a remote administrator console, you can connect to any Infrastructure Management server and perform the following administration tasks:

  • Checking the status of adapter instances for PATROL Agents
  • Triggering data synchronization
  • Configuring and controlling data collection with adapters, such as for HP Operations Manager and IBM Tivoli Monitoring

To download and install administrator console software

  1. Log on to the TrueSight console.
  2. In the navigation pane, expand Configuration and select Managed Devices.
  3. Select the Infrastructure Management Server where you want to download the software.
  4. Click the common action menu and select Launch Downloads console.

    The Downloads console opens in a new browser tab or window.
  5.  From the Infrastructure Management Administrator Console Software table, select the appropriate administrator console installation utility depending on the operating system, and save the file to the computer on which you want to install the software.

  6. Run the installer and follow the directions on the installation utility pages to install the administrator console.

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