Configuring Self-Health Monitoring for TrueSight Presentation Server Elasticsearch

After you have installed BMC PATROL for Elasticsearch, you must configure the Solution. We strongly recommand to use a monitoring policy to configure the KM and setup thresholds.

For more information on creating a monitoring policy and configuring Elasticsearch monitoring, see  Defining a monitoring policy  and  Configuring Elasticsearch KM for TrueSight console.

Configuring the monitoring policy

To set up Elasticsearch monitoring, you must configure the Elasticsearch to listen to port 9200. By default, this port is disabled in the Presentation Server environment. You can enable the port by setting the configuration variable http.enabled to true in the elasticsearch.yml configuration file. The configuration file can be located in the following directory:

  • (Linux) <TRUESIGHTPSERVER_HOME>/truesightpserver/modules/elasticsearch/config/
  • (Windows<TRUESIGHTPSERVER_HOME>\truesightpserver\modules\elasticsearch\config\

Opening the port 9200 can open the access to the Elasticsearch database to anyone who is connected to the Presentation Server. Therefore, you must protect the port to prevent any unauthorized access to the Elasticsearch database.

You need to set up the firewall rules to ensure that no host can connect to the port remotely. Contact your local operating system administrator for assistance.

The following table will help you choose the values for setting up extended the monitoring policy:

LabelSpecify a label to be used as a display name. For expamle, TSPS.
HostnameSpecify the host name or the IP address of the Presentation Server.
PostnumberSpecify the port used during the Presentation Server installation. The default port is 9200.
Java Home

Specify the JAVA_HOME path or the JRE installation directory. For the Presentation Server, the default JRE path is:

  • (Linux) <TRUESIGHTPSERVER_HOME>/truesightpserver/jre
  • (Windows) <TRUESIGHTPSERVER_HOME>\truesightpserver\jre

Setting up the thresholds for Presentation Server Elasticsearch

In addition to configuring the monitoring solution, the policy must also include the thresholds settings to monitor the health of the database. The following table contains a list of threshold values that can be used to monitor the health of the Presentation Server Elasticsearch database.



Application ClassParameterThreshold value
PATROL for Elasticsearch 1.0

ESK_CLUSTERStatus1 - Yellow, 2 - Red
ESK_NODEServiceStatus1 - Down

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