Configuring Self-Health Monitoring for Infrastructure Management Server SQL Anywhere DB

After you have installed BMC PATROL for  SQL Anywhere DB, you must configure the Solution. We strongly recommend you to use a monitoring policy to configure the KM.

For more information on creating a monitoring policy, see  Defining a monitoring policy.

Configuring the monitoring policy

SQL Anywhere or Sybase is bundled with the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server installer. When you install an Infrastructure Management server, if you choose to go with the default DB option, the SQL Anywhere gets installed. 

The following table will help you choose the values for setting up extended the monitoring policy:

Environment Name
HostSpecify the hostname or the IP address of the Infrastructure Management server.
PortSpecify the port number that you used at the time of installing the Infrastructure Management server.
UsernameSpecify the admin user name of the Infrastructure Management.
PasswordSpecify the password for the admin user name.

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