Configuring Self-Health Monitoring for Infrastructure Management Server Oracle DB

After you have installed BMC PATROL for Oracle Database, you must configure the Solution. We strongly recommend you to use a monitoring policy to configure the KM and setup thresholds.

For more information on creating a monitoring policy, see  Defining a monitoring policy.

Configuring the monitoring policy

Oracle is not bundled with the TrueSight installers. When you install an Infrastructure Management server using Oracle you must provide an existing oracle instance to be used by the Infrastructure Management installation. You need to contact your Oracle DBA to configure an Oracle and for details of your oracle instance.

Setting up the thresholds for Oracle DB

It is likely that your organization uses predefined custom policies to monitor Oracle databases. You need to contact your Oracle DBA to get more information on the thresholds needed to monitor the Oracle database in your environment. If this is not the case, to begin with you can use the default Thresholds provided by the Knowledge Module (KM).

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