Fix Pack 3

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Fix packs do not contain all of the files that are required for a complete product installation. Before you install the fix pack, you must have previously installed the base version of the product.

Fix packs are cumulative and contain all updates released prior to the fix pack.


ProductVersion required

TrueSight Presentation Server

11.0.00,, or

TrueSight Infrastructure Management components

11.0.00,, or

TrueSight App Visibility Manager components

11.0.00,, or

Upgrading from an earlier version of TrueSight Operations Management?  See  Upgrading Open link .


TrueSight Operations Management version 11.0.00 Fix Pack 3 provides the following enhancements and changes:

Enhanced Presentation Server logging 

TrueSight Presentation Server now supports the following commands:

  • tssh logger debug on -n all
  • tssh logger debug off -n all

For more information, see  Enabling logging of the Presentation Server. Open link .

Enhanced KB migration while upgrading TrueSight Infrastructure Management

You can upgrade TrueSight Infrastructure Management even if you have not migrated your KB customizations. You must ensure that the POMEnabled property in the mcell.conf file is set to Yes

For more information, see  Applying feature packs or fix packs on the Infrastructure Management server Open link .

Enhanced device consolidation

Devices can now be consolidated by using aliases and short names. For more information, see  Consolidating devices in the administrator console Open link .

New tssh command to reinitialize events in the Presentation Server

When you modify an existing custom event class definition in the Infrastructure Management server, you need to reinitialize the events on the Presentation Server so that it displays the latest modified events data from the connected Infrastructure Management server. you can run the tssh event reinitialize command on the Presentation Server to reinitialize the events data. When you run this command, latest events data as per the modified class definition is reloaded into the Presentation Server. For more information, see  Reinitializing events in the Presentation Server Open link .

New tssh and pw commands to create and import certificates

The Presentation Server and Infrastructure Management server provide a set of CLI commands to create, import, list, delete, and verify the certificates easily and quickly. You enter a few basic details and the certificate creation and import happen without any further user intervention. For more information, see  Implementing certificate deployment in TrueSight Operations Management using scripts Open link .

Configuring Self-health monitoring for the TrueSight Operations Management components

A new section for configuring self-monitoring for the following components is added to the documentation:

  • Set up self-monitoring for Remedy SSO and configuring the default PostgreSQL DB for self-monitoring
  • Set up self-monitoring for the TrueSight Presentation Server and configuring the default PostgreSQL DB or Elasticsearch DB for self-monitoring
  • Set up self-monitoring for the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server and configuring the default SQL Anywhere DB or the supported Oracle DB for self-monitoring

For more information, see  Configuring Self-Health Monitoring capability for TrueSight Operations Management Open link .


This is a new addition to the documentation; no new functionality is added to the product.

Setting up load balancers for TrueSight Operations Management

The documentation now includes a topic on how to prepare and configure a load balancer for TrueSight Operations Management. For more information, see  Guidelines for load balancers Open link .

Known and corrected issues

For information about issues corrected in this fix pack, see:

  • Known and corrected issues - Presentation Server Open link
  • Known and corrected issues - Infrastructure Management Open link
  • Known and corrected issues - App Visibility Manager Open link

Downloading the fix pack 

You obtain the installation files for the TrueSight Operations Management solution from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site. Your ability to access product pages on the EPD website is determined by the license entitlements purchased by your company.

ComponentEPD Link

TrueSight Presentation Server Version 11.0.00 - Fix Pack 3

TrueSight Presentation Server Patches Open link

TrueSight Infrastructure Management Version 11.0.00 - Core Components - Fix Pack 3

TrueSight Infrastructure Management Patches Open link

TrueSight App Visibility Manager Version 11.0.00 - Fix Pack 3

TrueSight App Visibility Manager Server Patches Open link

Installing the fix pack


Before applying this fix pack, make sure that you have an OS backup or a VM snapshot of all affected systems. If this is not possible, make sure that you back up the individual TrueSight Operations Management components.

To install Fix Pack 3 for TrueSight Operations Management 11.0.00, follow the sequence at  Applying feature packs or fix packs Open link .

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