Preparing to apply fix packs to IT Data Analytics components

Before applying Fix Packs to IT Data Analytics components, ensure that you review and complete the following prerequisite activities and requirements.

Before you begin the Fix Pack installation, ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • Version 11.0.00 of IT Data Analytics is installed.
  • The following default environment variables are already set.

    EntityPlatformEnvironment Variables
    IT Data AnalyticsWindows%BMC_ITDA_HOME%
    The preceding variables are automatically set when you install IT Data Analytics.
    Standalone Collection AgentWindows%BMC_ITDA_AGENT_PATH%
    The preceding variables are automatically set when you install the standalone Collection Agent.

  • The user installing the fix pack has the write permissions to the directory where IT Data Analytics is installed. This is required because access to the installation directory is required to create the fix pack backup files and to access JRE required for installing the fix pack.

Backing up 

Running the Fix Pack will create a backup of the existing files that are to be updated. This can be used to revert in case of any error. The backup will be created in the location:

  • (Windows) <ITDA_INSTALLER_DIRECTORY>\PatchInstallerBackup\backup_ITDA_<ComponentName>_11.0.00.002\YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_SS>
  • (Linux) <ITDA_INSTALLER_DIRECTORY>/PatchInstallerBackup/backup_ITDA_<ComponentName>_11.0.00.002/YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_SS>
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