configurematchingfactor CLI command

Use this command to specify the percentage, expressed in decimals, by which records should match or be similar when grouped. The matching factor is used for finding out the outliers when detecting anomalies. It is used for coalescing the records as well as computation of anomalies. The default matching factor is 0.7. Use the configurematchingfactor CLI command to specify the matching factor. For more information about matching factor, see Viewing coalesced results.



Before you run the command, note the following points:

configurematchingfactor -d <hostname> -p <portNumber> -u <username> -w <password> -factor <matchingfactor>
configurematchingfactor -d <hostname> -p <portNumber> -u <username> -w <password> -ops <operationType>
  • Angle brackets (< >) indicate a variable value that needs to be user defined.

  • Square brackets ([ ]) indicate optional parameters.

The following table describes the parameters used in the syntax:

Host name of the Console Server.
Port number of the Console Server.
User name to use to connect with the Console Server.
Password corresponding to the user name to use to connect with the Console Server.
-factorThe percentage expressed as a decimal number by which the records getting grouped should match or be similar. The various possible values of matching factor are 0.6,0.7,0.8 and 0.9.
Type of operation that you want to perform to retrieve the configured matching factor. It can take the value get.

Example inputs

The following example provides the input for specifying the matching factor:

configurematchingfactor -d localhost -p 9797 -u admin -w admin12345 -factor 0.6

The following example provides input for retrieving the configured matching factor.

configurematchingfactor -d localhost -p 9797 -u admin -w admin12345 -ops get
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