Fix Pack 2

Fix Packs do not contain all of the files that are required for a complete product installation. Fix Packs are cumulative and contain all updates ( including hot fixes) released prior to the Fix Pack.

Before you install the Fix Pack, you must have previously installed the base version of the product.

Known and corrected issues

For information about issues corrected in this Fix Pack, see:

Known and corrected issues


On the Known and corrected issues page, type in the Corrected in box to easily view issues corrected in the fix pack.

Installing the Fix Pack


Before applying this fix pack, make sure that you have an OS backup or a VM snapshot of all affected systems.

Installing the Fix Pack 2 for TrueSight IT Data Analytics 11.0.00 consists of the following steps:

  1. Prepare for the installation of the Fix Pack.
  2. Install Fix Pack 2 ( for TrueSight IT Data Analytics 11.0.00.

To apply Fix Pack 2, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Fix Pack

The following table provides links to the pages in the EPD website that contain the installation files for this fix pack. From the EPD page, you can select and download the installation files for your platform. Access to the EPD website requires that you provide your BMC Support credentials. You might also be prompted to complete the Export Compliance Form.

ComponentEPD linkComment

TrueSight IT Data Analytics Version 11.0.00 - Fix Pack 2

TrueSight IT Data Analytics Patch Open link

Installation files for TrueSight IT Data Analytics

Step 2: Install the Fix Pack on IT Data Analytics
Prepare for the installation of the Fix Pack.Preparing to apply fix packs on IT Data.
Upgrade IT Data Analytics.

Applying the IT Data Analytics Fix Pack using the command line interface.

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