Quick overview

The Presentation Server hosts the web-based TrueSight console functions and consumes events and performance data from TrueSight Infrastructure Management and other TrueSight products to provide a consolidated set of views for monitoring the infrastructure. In addition to data presentation, the Presentation Server performs functions such as role-based access control and data management functions such as storage and persistence. For more information, see TrueSight Presentation Server. Open link

Service models

Event monitoring

Performance metrics

TrueSight Infrastructure Management integrates with TrueSight Presentation Server to enable tools that help IT Operations monitor and manage the infrastructure or aid in troubleshooting and remediation of outages. For further information about this product, see Key concepts.

Product roles

The primary product roles align with the default Authorization Profiles that define the groups, roles, and permissions that grant access to the TrueSight console features.

  • Executives or tenant - Checks the health of the applications and services they are responsible for delivering.
  • IT Operations - Monitors the performance and availability of applications and the IT infrastructure. Investigates the cause and initiates remediation.
  • Technology Specialist -  Sets up and monitors the performance and availability of his respective technology to ensure that it meets the prescribed business requirements and SLAs.
  • Application Specialist - Models business applications and manages the software and IT infrastructure that compose the part of an application.
  • Solutions Administrator - Plans, deploys, installs, configures, secures, and upgrades BMC TrueSight Operations Management and its data providers.

For details about these roles, see User goals and features and Managing users and access control. Open link

Product features

TrueSight console features

In the TrueSight console, users monitor applications and infrastructure, and service models, configure the TrueSight system components, administer security, set up monitoring, and set up data collection for TrueSight Infrastructure Management and other TrueSight products.

To get started, see the following topics:

Product documentation

The TrueSight Infrastructure Management documentation helps new and experienced users implement or use this product. Based on your role, the following sections of the documentation are recommended:

  • To install or upgrade TrueSight Infrastructure Management, see the planning and deployment documentation in  TrueSight Operations Management Deployment. Open link
  • All users should view and set up a watch on the Release notes and notices page for the latest product information and documentation updates.
  • The FAQs and additional resources page answers questions about how to use this online documentation and directs you to other resources for getting information about this product.
  • When working in the product, click the Help icons to directly link to the topic pertaining to your task. For working offline, you can download an Adobe Acrobat PDF of this documentation from the PDFs and Videos.

Documentation sections

Each section identifies the type of information available and links to instructions.

  • Release notes and notices
  • Getting started
  • Planning Open link
  • Installing Open link
  • Upgrading Open link
  • Integrating
  • Using
  • Administering Infrastructure Management
  • Developing
  • Troubleshooting
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