Viewing the published CloudInstance CIs in TrueSight console

To view the CloudInstance CIs published from Atrium CMDB in the TrueSight console, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to the BMC Remedy Mid Tier Atrium Core Console and navigate to the Class Manager. For more information, see  Open the Class Manager.

  2. Click BMC_BaseElement Class.

  3. Click BMC_CloudInstance Class.

  4. Set the BMC_CloudInstanceCustom Properties to 1\100050\2\1\ and click Ok.

  5. After the changes are active, restart the BMC Remedy AR Server.
  6. Set the destination Cell name for the CIs and Promote the CIs. For more information, see  Setting destination cell names for CIs.

  7. From the BMC Impact Manager Desiger, verify that the BMC_CloudInstance Class is available. For more information, see  Launching BMC Impact Model Designer.
  8. Do the following to synchronize the class information:

    1. From the <TSIM_installationDirectory>/pw/server/bin/ path, run the pclassinfo -x -o mc_sm_object.baroc command.
    2. Replace the existing mc_sm_baroc.object file in the target cell <TSIM_installationDirectory>/pw/server/etc/cellName/kb/classes directory. 

    3. From the <TSIM_installationDirectory>/pw/server/bin/ path, run the mccomp -n pncell_<TSIM_Hostname> command to recompile the cell's Knowledge Base.
    4. From the <TSIM_installationDirectory>/pw/server/bin/ path, run the following commands to kill and restart the cell:

      mkill -n pncell_<TSIM_Hostname> 

      mcell -n pncell_<TSIM_Hostname>

  9. Run the Publish command.
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