Viewing the deployment and installation summary

The Deployment and Installation Summary page displays a summary of deployments, both completed and ongoing.


 You can also see the deployment and installation summary from the Managed Devices page. Click here to see more information.

After you log in to the TrueSight console, access Configuration > Managed Devices. Click the Managed Devices action menu and select View Deployment and Installation Summary.


When you initiate a deployment, it might remain in the Queued status until other deployments are processed. You can only view the deployments that you have access to and cannot view deployments initiated by users from other tenants. When your deployment is eventually processed, its status is updated in the Status column.

The following table lists the tasks that you can perform from the Deployment and Installation Summary page.

Filter the list of deployments by status

You can filter by the following status:

Initiated - Deployments that have been initiated and are in the queue to be deployed and installed.

In Progress - Deployments that are in progress.

Partial - Deployments that completed, but some monitoring solutions did not get deployed.

Successful - Deployments that completed and all monitoring solutions were deployed.

Failed - Deployments that failed and did not complete.

Aborted - Deployments that were aborted.

View deployment details

View details in the deployment details table:

Initiated - The date and time when the deployment was initiated.

Finished - The date and time when the deployment was finished.

Status - Status of the deployment.

Type -The deployment type.

Initiated By - The user name of the person who initiated the deployment.

Package Name - The name of the package deployed.

Click the package name to view details about the monitoring solutions and versions that were deployed.

PATROL Agents Applied To - The number of PATROL Agents that the package was deployed to.

Click the number in this column to launch the PATROL Agent Details page. View the PATROL Agents that the deployable package was applied to and their status. You can also search for PATROL Agents by their name.

Search for a deployable packageClick the  icon and enter the search text. Search is not case-sensitive. Search covers the complete list of deployable packages and not the filtered list, if a filter is already applied.
Refresh the pageRefresh the page to view updated information about deployments.
Hide or display the filter rowTo increase the display area, click the collapse icon  to hide the filter row. Click the expand icon  to display the filter row.
Launch context-sensitive helpClick the  icon to launch context-sensitive help.
Export deployment detailsClick the icon to export the deployment details as a .CSV file.
 Abort a deploymentSee Aborting deployment of packages to PATROL Agents.
 Sort the displayClick a column header to sort by that column. Click again to reverse the sort order. By default, the display is sorted by the deployable package name.

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