Using msend or mposter to send events when a cell is not installed

You can use msend or mposter as a standalone utility to send either events, data or both, even if a cell is not installed on the server. To set up msend or mposter on a server where a cell is not installed (remote server), you must copy some files and directories from the server on which the destination cell is located (remote server).

The remote server and the source server do not need to be on the same platform. For example, you can copy files from a Windows source server to a UNIX or Linux remote server.

On the source server, locate the following files and directories (because you will have to copy them to the remote server later):

  • installationDirectory/pw/server/remote/AIX/
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/remote/HPUX/
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/remote/Windows/
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/remote/Linux/
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/remote/Solaris/
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/etc/mclient.trace
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/etc/mclient.conf
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/etc/mcell.dir
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/etc/locale/

    installationDirectory/pw/server/ is the path of the directory structure. For example, installationDirectory/pw/server/ might be /user/pw/server for UNIX or C:\Program Files\BMC Software\TrueSight\pw\server for Microsoft Windows.


    You do not need all the files from all the installationDirectory/pw/server/remote subdirectories. You will need only those that correspond to the platform of your remote server. For example, if your remote server is on Solaris, you will need the files in the installationDirectory/pw/server/remote/Solaris/ directory.

On the remote server, designate a directory of your choice as installationDirectory/pw/server/. Under that installationDirectory/pw/server directory, create the following subdirectories:

  • installationDirectory/pw/server/etc 
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/log 
  • installationDirectory/pw/server/bin

From the source server (the server where a cell is installed), copy the following files to the remote server on which you want to send events by using msend, or data and events by using mposter:

  • Copy the entire installationDirectory/pw/server/etc/locale subdirectory from the source installation into the installationDirectory/pw/server/etc directory on the remote server. 
  • From the installationDirectory/pw/server/remote/platform directory, copy the appropriate msend binary for the operating system of the remote server where you want to send events by using msend or data and events by using mposter.

    For example, if the source installation is on a Microsoft Windows computer and you want to enable remote msend or mposter on an Solaris computer, you must copy the msend or mposter binaries from the installationDirectory/pw/server/remote/Solaris directory on your Microsoft Windows source server into the installationDirectory/pw/server/bin directory on the Solaris remote server. 
  • Copy the installationDirectory/pw/server/etc/mclient.trace file from the source installation into the installationDirectory/pw/server/etc directory on the remote server. 
  • Copy the installationDirectory/pw/server/etc/mclient.conf file from the source installation to installationDirectory/pw/server/etc on the remote server. 
  • Copy the installationDirectory/pw/server/etc/mcell.dir file from the source server into the installationDirectory/pw/server/etc directory on the remote server.

Invoking msend or mposter on a server where a cell is not installed

To properly invoke msend or mposter on the remote server, you must pass installationDirectory/pw/server to msend or mposter either as an environment variable or as a command-line argument.

  • Set the following environment variables before invoking msend or mposter:
    • The PATH environment variable must have the installationDirectory/pw/server/bin entry.
    • The MCELL_HOME environment variable must have the installationDirectory/pw/server entry.
  • To set the installationDirectory/pw/server from the command line, use the -l HomeLocation option to specify the installationDirectory/pw/server location when invoking msend or mposter from the command line.

If you do not add cell definition entries to mcell.dir, use the following command when invoking msend or mposter:

-n @Host[/Port[#Key]], where

  • Host is either a host name or an IP address
  • Port is the port number
  • Key is the encryption key
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