Types of reports

There are three categories of reports-Administrative, General, and Service Level Objective (SLO). The following table presents the types of reports in each category and points you to further information about each report type.

Report types available in Infrastructure Management

CategoryReport typesFurther information, see
GeneralAggregate PerformanceAggregate Performance
Availability SummaryAvailability Summary
Capacity TrendsCapacity Trends
Custom GraphCustom Graph
Element Distribution SummaryElement Distribution Summary
Health SummaryHealth Summary
Top/Bottom PerformersTop Bottom Performers
SLOSLO Application ComplianceSLO Application Compliance Report
SLO Capacity TrendsSLO Capacity Trends Report
SLO Compliance HistorySLO Compliance history
SLO Compliance MatrixSLO Compliance Matrix
SLO Executive SummarySLO Executive Summary
SLO Health SummarySLO Health Summary


BMC Software recommends users to disable default reports that are not applicable. The default reports of Infrastructure Management do not have filters and therefore may consume more resources on loaded setups.

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