Troubleshooting the BMC Helix Change Management integration

If the BMC Helix Change Management integration configuration fails, check the following log files:

%TrueSight_Presentation_Server_HOME%/ truesightpserver/logs/TrueSight.log

%TrueSight_Presentation_Server_HOME%/ truesightpserver/logs/ rest-access.log

Troubleshooting connectivity issues

If there are connectivity issues even after verifying the integration, take the following steps in any order:

  • Verify that the connection to the TrueSight Presentation Serveris available. To do this, do the following:
    1. Open the BMC Helix Change Management portal and go to Application Administration Console > Custom Configuration > Change Management > Advanced Options > Change CI Event Notification to BPPM > BPPM Subscription.
    2. Click The Test Connection button.
  • Check the CAI:Events form for the following errors:
    • 401: Do one of the following:

      • Check if you have manually change the password of the csm_user, which is the default user. You can change the password from the CAI:AdapterConfiguration form.

      • Verify that the CA-signed certificates are valid, that you have the all the required permissions, and whether the certificates are imported into the AR server keystore.

    • 400: Check the arjavaplugin.log for detailed error at ITSM server. TrueSight Presentation Server does not process the event if it finds multiple entries of a resource (CI).

    • 404: Verify that the CI is available on the TrueSight Presentation Server.

    • 403: Verify that the CSRF filter in the TrueSight Presentation Server Server is disabled.

  • Use the following curl command to diagnose connectivity issues:
    curl -k -v -XPOST -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data "{\"username\":\"csm_user\",\"p\":\"csm_user12345\",\"tenantName\":\"*\"}" https://<customer tsps host name>:<gateway server port>/tsws/10.0/api/authenticate/login
  • Ensure that the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server to which the CI belongs is correctly registered to the TrueSight Infrastructure Management, and is in the Connected state.
  • Delete existing events from the ITSM CAI:Events form and clear the BMC Remedy mid-tier cache.
  • See the arjavaplugin.log file and the ARfilter logs for further information.

Troubleshooting a failed web service

If the configuration fails because the CAI_ChangeManagementEventsSubscription_WS  web service is missing, do the following:

  1. Log in to the mid-tier server and validate the UDDI server registration/validation on the Server Info page or CCS – AR Server.
  2. Open the AR System WebServices Registry form and search for CAI_ChangeManagementEventsSubscription_WS web service. 
  3. Update the information according to the following screenshot:

  4. Disable the CSRF filter. To do this, run the following commands on the TrueSight Presentation Server:
    tssh properties set csrfFilter false
    tssh properties reload
  5. Ask the BMC Helix network team to do the following:
    1. In the mid-tier, open the CAI:AdapterConfiguration” form and do the following:
      1. Update the gateway server reference details according to the following screenshot:

      2. Update the password.
    2. In the mid-tier, open the CHG:CHGBPM%3AConfigAdapter form and do the following:
      1. Update the csm_user password.
      2. Test the connection.
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