Setting up the service to run in high-availability cluster mode in Linux

Adding a failover domain

  1. Ensure that each of the nodes is part of the cluster. Click the cluster name.
  2. From the cluster-specific page, click Failover Domains.
    The failover domain configured for a particular cluster is displayed.
  3. Click Add a Failover Domain to add a failover domain to this cluster.
  4. In the Failover Domain Name box, specify a failover domain name.
  5. To enable setting failover priority, select Prioritized. BMC recommends that you specify the nodes that will participate in the failover process, along with their priority order.
  6. Click Create.
  7. In the Cluster tab, select Choose a Cluster to Administer, and select the cluster. In the cluster-specific page, add the following resources to form the service that needs to fail over:
    1. If you are using a file system other than GFS2, it must be included as a resource. To add the file system as a resource, click Add, and select filesystem from the list. Click on Submit.
    2. Click Add, and select IP address from the list.
    3. Specify the IP address and netmask bits. Ensure that you are using the correct format while entering the IP address.
    4. Select Monitor Link.
    5. Change the sleep time to 2 seconds to minimize the time required for the service to failover.
    6. Click Submit.
    7. Click Add, and select Script from the list. Specify the name of the resource and the path to the script. For example: installationDirectory/pw/pronto/bin/pwstartupHALinux.
  8. Click Submit.

Adding the service

  1. Select Service Groups and click Add to add the service. Enter a name for the service. Select Automatically start service to start the service automatically.
  2. From the list, select the failover domain that you have created.
  3. Select a recovery policy. The default is Relocate. Select Relocate to relocate to another node if the service stops on one node.
  4. Click Add Resource. From the available list of resources, select the resources that you have created, and click Add.
  5. Click Submit.

Running the service

The service will start running automatically if you have selected Automatically Start Service. Otherwise, select the service from the list of services, and click Start.

The service will start on the node which has the highest priority, according to the prioritized order that you have set when configuring the failover domain.

Moving the service

To move the service from one node to another:

  1. Go to Service Groups and click the service to expand its parameters.
  2. From the list, select the node on which to start the service, and click Start.

Only one node can be active at a time.

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