Service models with circular relationship

Supported with version 11.3.05 and later.

To be able to view and use this feature, you need to apply the service pack version 11.3.05 for both Presentation Server and Infrastructure Management server.

Service models with circular relationships

A circular relationship forms when two or more CIs are impacted and create a circular pattern with each other. You can compute the impact status correctly in a service model with a circular relationship.

Consider the following service model.

The following loops exist  between 3 CIs:

  • CR2, CR4, CR6
  • CR3, CR5, CR7

Therefore, a circular relationship is formed between the CIs.


        The above image is an example of a multiple circular loop in a single service model.

Additional scenarios:

  • The following image displays a single circular loop in the service model:

  • The following image displays multiple circular loops with CIs shared between two business services:

Supported functionality

The following functionalities are supported for service models with circular relationship: 

  • Status calculation for the direct impact propagation model
  • Status calculation with the manual and maintenance mode
  • BMC Service Resolution integration (L3-policy use case)
  • Shadow CIs (Distributed Service Model with the BMC Patrol and ProactiveNet Performance Management central and child architecture)


  • If the CI is shared in multiple loops, a warning event {MC_SM_CI_MULTIPLE_CIRCLE_PART} is generated with the following message:

 CI <CI-Name> is part of more than one Circular loop, this is not yet supported. status propagation may be incorrect.

 Example of CI shared in a multiple loop:


 CI:10thMarch_3 is a  part of multiple circular loop.

  • If you configure relationship types such as Increasing, Decreasing, Just_Info, or Just_Warning when CIs are in a circular loop, the behavior might be different when compared with a straight model without loops.
  • If you configure an outage policy that are in a circular relationship, there might be some issues in generating outage incident. It doesn’t occur for outage policy if there is a normal (non-circular) relationship.


If you have an existing service model with circular relationship, you must republish the existing service model.

To view the new service model parameter, see Service model parameters.

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