Provisioning Operations Management components with TrueSight Server Automation

After integrating TrueSight Server Automation into your BMC TrueSight Operations Management environment, you can create packages of the currently available components in the Operations Management Central Monitoring Repository, load the packages into TrueSight Server Automation, and create deployment jobs in TrueSight Server Automation to deploy and install those packages to remote hosts. You can then use the Central Monitoring Administration console to automatically configure the products after they are installed.

The provisioning process consists of the following tasks:

  1. Creating packages for provisioning
  2. Creating a property instance in TrueSight Server Automation
  3. Creating TrueSight Server Automation jobs to deploy Operations Management component packages to remote hosts
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Before you begin

  • Ensure that the TrueSight Server Automation Agent is installed and licensed on the computer that hosts the BMC TrueSight Presentation Server where the Central Monitoring Repository is installed, on all remote computers on which the product packages are installed and configured, and on the computer that hosts the TrueSight Server Automation Server.
  • Create a TrueSight Server Automation administrator account and assign it to the BLAdmins role.
  • Ensure that Web Services are configured on the computer that hosts the TrueSight Server Automation Server.
  • Use the TrueSight console to test the credentials that are used to access TrueSight Server Automation, to ensure that the connection from Operations Management is valid.
  • On Windows computers, ensure that command extensions are enabled.
    For information about command extensions, see the Microsoft Windows product documentation.
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