Prerequisites of adapter for SCOM

Before you configure and use the adapter for SCOM, ensure that you have all of the following prerequisites installed and running:

  • The root management server (RMS) user name must be specified to load the SCOM objects. Note that the RMS user must have the permission to see all the data in the SCOM Server. 
  • User accounts created in the Active Directory must be a member of the domain user group. 
  • .NET 3.0 or later must be present on the local agent. The system in which the local agent is installed must be running Windows 2003 or later.


    While adding or editing adapters, in <MONITOR_TYPES> filter, if you select the <MONITOR_TYPES> filter so that the total instances available for the selected <MONITOR_TYPES> filter exceeds 20000 (without any scoping filter applied), the following warning message is displayed.

    The < MONITOR_TYPES > filter set may potentially exceed the limit of instances being created in ProactiveNet.

    This is not recommended.

    Adjust the <MONITOR_TYPES> filter to limit the instances to <INSTANCE_COUNT_LIMIT>

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