Performance and scalability recommendations for integrations with CMDB


This topic presents recommendations and considerations for TrueSight Infrastructure Management integration with CMDB.

Timing for event and impact management operations

This topic presents timing approximations for operations in an environment that includes event and impact management:

The following environment is used as a sample for the timing estimates.

MetricAmount or value
Number of CIs50 K
Number of service models3
Number of levels


Number of events per day400 K
Maximum number of CIs in a service model20 K
Number of impact events out of 400 K312 K

Publish times

The following table shows the amount of time it takes to publish a new service model in each environment

EnvironmentPublish time
Small (5 K CIs and relationships)32 minutes
Medium (10 K CIs and relationships)39 minutes
Large (20 K CIs and relationships)

1 hour

The following table shows the amount of time it takes to publish a service model in which 1,000 CIs and relationships are added, updated, or deleted. Times are measured on a large environment.

ActionPublish time
Add16 minutes
Update19 minutes

30 minutes

Sizing chart for BMC Cloud Life Cycle Management

The following table can help you determine the number of required TrueSight Infrastructure Management Central Servers, TrueSight Infrastructure Management Child Servers, Data Collection Hosts, and BMC Server Automation Servers. The table also shows the maximum number of devices, monitor instances, and attributes for a proof of concept (POC) and large environments in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

About a POC deployment

In a POC deployment, all of the components for BMC Cloud Life Cycle Management, such as the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Central Server, Child Server, and Data Collection Host, are on the same computer.

CharacteristicPOCLarge environment
Number of monitored devices50050 K
Number of monitor instances4.5 K250 K
Number of attributes8 K500 K
Duration RAW data retention8 days8 days
Duration RATE retention3 months3 months
Polling frequency in minutes (stats, auto-sync)5.55.5

Required number of TrueSight Infrastructure Management Central Servers


Required number of TrueSight Infrastructure Management Child Servers


Required number of TrueSight Infrastructure Management Data Collection Hosts

Required number of TrueSight Network and Server Automation serversN/A1
Required number of computers111
Required number of processors232
Required memory in GB8128

Timing for events or incidents that can be sent

This topic provides information about the number of events or incidents that can be sent within a specified time frame.

Use casesEvents per minuteDuration in hours


Event to incident creation



CIs impacting with incident information



Business service impact model

35 events on TrueSight Infrastructure Management

5 events on the PATROL Agent


Tuning parameters

In the <installed_location>\pw\integrations\ibrsd\conf\IBRSD.conf file, configure the #Executor threadpool size as shown below:


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