Operator console workflows available in the TrueSight console

The following table lists the operator console capabilities and their equivalents in the TrueSight console, and the documentation reference.

CapabilityOperator console (earlier than 11.3.04)TrueSight console (in 11.3.04)Documentation
Infrastructure ReportsReports tab

Infrastructure Reports


After you upgrade to 11.3.04, you must apply the hotfix to enable the Infrastructure Reports on TrueSight console. For more information, see Technical bulletin — Hotfix for TrueSight Operations Management 11.3.04. Open link

Managing infrastructure reports
Event Rules

Options > Administration tab > Event Rules

Configuration > Notification Rules


  • Event rules workflow is available as notification rules in the TrueSight console.
  • Supported notification types: Email and SNMP Trap
Managing notification rules
Event relationshipsMain drawer > Event CollectorsMonitoring > EventsViewing related events in the TrueSight console
Monitors configuration data (Graph)
  • Main > Devices > Show Monitors > Info Sent > Graph Display
  • Custom Graphs > Graph Display > Monitor Information
  • Graph Display > Monitor Information
Monitoring > Monitor InformationViewing monitor information in the TrueSight console

Attribute Sets

Options > Administration tab > AttributeSet

Configuration > Attribute Sets


Supported attribute set type: External Reports

Configuring attribute sets
Agent ActionsMonitors > Tools Menu > Agent ActionsMonitoring > Devices > Monitors > Agent ActionsExecuting agent actions on a monitor
Configuration ItemsNavigation pane > Find CIMonitoring > Configuration Items

Monitoring configuration items

Viewing configuration item details

Performance diagnostic detailsOptions > Administration tab > Infrastructure Management > Performance DiagnosticsConfiguration > Managed Device > View Performance DiagnosticsViewing Infrastructure Management performance diagnostic details
Send Manual Events

Main drawer > Events > Event > Tools Menu > Send Manual Event(s)

msend CLI

Note: The mposter and msend commands can only be run from the Infrastructure Management server command line window.

mposter and msend CLI commands
ServersCentral Monitoring Administration console > ServersConfiguration > Managed DevicesManaging Infrastructure Management devices from the TrueSight console
RepositoryCentral Monitoring Administration console > RepositoryAdministration > RepositoryManaging the repository and packages
PoliciesCentral Monitoring Administration console > PoliciesConfiguration > Infrastructure PoliciesManaging policies
Global ThresholdsCentral Monitoring Administration console > Global ThresholdsConfiguration > Global ThresholdsConfiguring global thresholds
TimeframesCentral Monitoring Administration console > General > TimeframesConfiguration > Infrastructure Time FramesViewing and managing time frames
ClusterCentral Monitoring Administration console > General > ClusterConfiguration > Integration Service ClustersConfiguring an Integration Service cluster
Event collectorsMain drawer > Event Collectors

Monitoring > Events > View event groups 


  • Many of the out-of-the-box event collectors are available as out-of-the-box event groups.
  • Existing event collectors configured in the Operator console are not migrated to the Manage Event Groups page.
Managing event groups from the TrueSight console

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