This command is executed internally by the mrecover CLI and must be manually executed only on the advice of BMC Support.

The mrextract command is one step in the recovery process. This command extracts events from the remote cell repository for the local cell being recovered.

For more information about the recovery process, see mrecover

Before using the mrextract command, stop the cell.

mrextract syntax

mrextract [-c <ConfigFile>] [-h|-?] [-l <HomeLocation>]
[-n cellName | -n @Host[/Port[#Key]]] [-o <OutputFile>] {-p Var=Value}
[-q] [-s <InputStateFile>] [-z] {<TargetCell>} . . .

The following table lists the command-specific options for mrextract. For a list of common command options that apply to all CLI commands, see Event management common command options.

mrextract options

-o OutputFileSends output to the specified OutputFile file; the default is to send output to standard output
-s InputStateFileSpecifies to use input from InputStateFile; the default is the cell's mcdb.
TargetCellSpecifies the name of the cell to which events have been propagated; separate multiple cell names with a space

mrextract example

mrextract -n CellTwo -o \tmp\mcdb.CellOne 

mrextract return codes

The following figure lists the command-specific return codes for mrextract. For a list of common return codes that apply to all CLI commands, see Event management return codes.

mrextract return codes

37Failed to enable tracing

Cannot access state builder

Failure loading kb classes
Cannot start while state builder is active

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