The mclassinfo command retrieves class information about both event and data classes that are loaded in the cell. Information consists of class name, slot descriptions, and subclasses.

You can retrieve the complete class tree in a hierarchical form, or you can retrieve only selected classes instead of the whole hierarchy.

You can retrieve associated definitions of enumerations used in the classes. These definitions are reported before the class tree.

mclassinfo syntax

The following figure shows the syntax for mclassinfo:

mclassinfo syntax

mclassinfo [-a Amount] [-d] [-e] [-c <ConfigFile>] [-h|-?] [-l <HomeLocation>]
[-n <cellName> | -n @Host[/Port[#Key]]]
[-o <OutputFile>] [{<Class>}] {-p Var=Value} [-r] [-q] [-u] [-v] [-x] [-z]

The following table lists the command-specific options for mclassinfo. For a list of common command options that apply to all CLI commands, see Event management common command options.

mclassinfo options



-a Amount

Specifies the amount of information: 0, 1, 2, 3 (See Information amount for mclassinfo); default is 2.


Reports data class definitions instead of event class


Reports enumeration definitions used in the classes

-o OutputFile

Produces the output in a file called OutputFile, instead of using standard output


Produces raw output for programs


Reports unique slots only, excluding redefined slots in subclasses


Reports enumeration definitions only (exclude classes)


Names of selected classes

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