Integrating with TrueSight Server Automation to enforce configuration changes

TrueSight Server Automation helps manage, control, and enforce configuration changes in data centers. With the integration of TrueSight Server Automation, TrueSight Operations Managementretrieves change information from TrueSight Server Automation for Probable Cause Analysis (PCA) candidates.

After you have set up the integration between TrueSight Operations Management and TrueSight Server Automation, you can create packages so that TrueSight Server Automation can deploy local agents to TrueSight Server Automation managed systems.

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A TrueSight Server Automation job might change the configuration of a device, causing its behavior to change. Integrating TrueSight Operations Management with TrueSight Server Automation makes TrueSight Server Automation job history information available to probable cause analysis so that when you invoke probable cause analysis for an event, the probable cause analysis results page flags devices which have had TrueSight Server Automation jobs execute in the same time frame as the event that you are troubleshooting. In addition, certain events that are generated on TrueSight Operations Management trigger the execution of a predefined snapshot job on TrueSight Server Automation. This snapshot job detects the configuration changes made to the device.

How does the TrueSight Server Automation integration work?

Packages can be created of all components in the Infrastructure Management Central Monitoring Repository. These packages are stored in TrueSight Server Automation, and then a TrueSight Server Automation job to deploy those packages to servers to be installed and configured is created.

To create packages for provisioning, you need to push packages from the base Infrastructure Management Central Monitoring Repository to TrueSight Server Automation, and then push packages from the extended Infrastructure Management Central Monitoring Repository to TrueSight Server Automation.

The following TrueSight Server Automation job types are considered during probable cause analysis:

  • Deploy Job (30) 
  • Deploy Job Attempt (205) 
  • File Deploy Job (40) 
  • Network Shell Script Job (111) 
  • Sync Job (190) 
  • Deploy Apply Job (203) 
  • Deploy Undo Job (204) 
  • Snapshot Job


Snapshot job executions are listed in the BladeLogic Device History page only if the snapshot job detects any changes.
Batch jobs also are not listed in the probable cause analysis device history, unless the batch job contains any of the supported job types, such as a deploy job or a Network Shell Script job.

Supported software versions

The following table lists the supported software versions for the integration:

Software componentVersions

TrueSight Presentation Server


TrueSight Server Automation

8.5, 8.6, 8.7, 8.8 and 8.9

Enabling the integration

Perform the following tasks after installing the TrueSight Presentation Server:

  • Ensure that the TrueSight Server Automation Agent is installed and licensed on the following computers:
    • Computer that hosts the TrueSight Presentation Server where the Central Monitoring Repository is installed.
    • On all remote computers on which the product packages are installed and configured.
    • Computer that hosts the TrueSight Server Automation server. 
  • Add the following entry in the exports file that is located on the computer where TrueSight Presentation Server is installed.
    * rw,user=administrator

    • (Microsoft Windows)  

      <Installation Directory of rsc>\exports -rw, user=administrator

      Default path of <Installation directory of rsc> is C:\Windows\rsc

    • (Unix

      <Installation Directory of rsc>/exports -rw, user=root

      Default path of <Installation directory of rsc> is /etc/rsc

  • Give appropriate permissions for BladeLogic installation directory on the computer where TrueSight Presentation Server is installed.

  • Use the command-line commands to enable the integration. For more information, see Command line options for configuring the TrueSight Server Automation integration.

  • If you are using TrueSight Server Automation version 8.9.03 or later, perform the following steps before you create PATROL Agent packages : 

    • From the <TSPS_Install_Dir>/truesightpserver/modules/cma/auto_provision/Patrol/InstallScripts/bmc_ppm_patrol_install.cmd.tmpl file, search and replace the following information:

      Search for     : for /f %%i in (%TEMP%\PAgents.txt) do echo Stopping %%i && net stop %%i

      Replace with : for /f %%i in (%%TEMP%%\PAgents.txt) do echo "Stopping %%i && net stop %%i"

      Search for       : for /f %%i in (%TEMP%\PAgents.txt) do (call :start_agent_instance %%i %IS_AGENT%)

      Replace with  : for /f %%i in (%%TEMP%%\PAgents.txt) do (call :start_agent_instance %%i %%IS_AGENT%%)

      See the following images:

Editing the TrueSight Server Automation integration details

  1. From the TrueSight console, select Administration > Integrations.
  2. In the TrueSight Server Automation section, click the action menu for Configure TrueSight Presentation Server with BMC Server Automation and select Edit

      3.  You can change the following integration settings.

User Name

User name to connect to the TrueSight Server Automation Server


Password to connect to the TrueSight Server Automation Server


Role to connect to TrueSight Server Automation Server

WebServer Host

Hostname or IP address of TrueSight Server Automation Web Services or UDDI Server

WebServer Port

Port Number of TrueSight Server Automation Web Services or UDDI Server.

Default port number is 9843.

Considerations for upgrade customers

If you are an existing BMC ProactiveNet customer upgrading to TrueSight Operations Management, the existing TrueSight Server Automation details are not migrated. You need to manually set up the integration using command-line options on the TrueSight Presentation Server.

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