Impact Model Designer capabilities available in the BMC CMDB Explorer


The minimum CMDB version required to achieve the following IMD abilities is BMC CMDB 19.02.

The following table lists the CMDB documentation reference for the Impact Model Designer (IMD) abilities.

To build a service model

Working with CIs and relationships to build a service model. Open link

To create CIs

Creating a CI for a new service model Open link

Creating a CI for an existing service model Open link

To edit, delete, and find CIs

Editing CIs and relationships in BMC CMDB Explorer Open link

Deleting CIs in CMDB Explorer Open link

Searching and viewing CIs and relationships in the CMDB Explorer Open link

To define relationships between CIs

Adding a relationship between CIs Open link

To edit relationships between CIs

Editing relationships in BMC CMDB Explorer Open link

To promote the service model

Promoting a CI from the Sandbox dataset to production Open link

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