Getting started with infrastructure monitoring administration

For new solution administrators or tenant administrators who are ready to configure and administer the monitoring of their infrastructure, this getting started topic provides a high-level overview of the workflow.

Overview of infrastructure monitoring administration

The configuration of infrastructure monitoring focuses on configuration related to data collection, monitoring, and event management. Monitoring configuration includes deploying and setting up PATROL Agents and defining monitoring policies to establish criteria for how the managed technology is monitored, such as the following:

  • Monitoring solutions or Knowledge Modules that are loaded in the PATROL Agents for monitoring
  • Data collection and event propagation filtering
  • Data collection frequencies
  • Thresholds

Infrastructure monitoring administration workflow

Only administrators with specific permissions can configure and administer the monitoring of the infrastructure.The following diagram describes the basic workflow of the process. For more information, click the links in the table that correspond to the numbers in the diagram.


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