Finding CIs that are present in Infrastructure Management but not in BMC Atrium CMDB

If you are using third-party software with BMC Atrium CMDB for discovery and data collection capabilities, the newly-discovered and modified devices are displayed in Infrastructure Management as CIs.
For example, if you are using BMC PATROL discovery and data collection capabilities with Atrium CMDB, BMC PATROL KMs discover new and modified devices and display them in Infrastructure Management as CIs. These CIs might or might not exist in Atrium CMDB. If the CIs do not exist in Atrium CMDB, BMC, it is recommended that you add them to Atrium CMDB. For information about adding CIs to Atrium CMDB, see the BMC Atrium CMDB User's Guide.


While adding CIs to Atrium CMDB, ensure that the CIs follow the normalization rules. For more information about these rules, see Ensuring quality data in BMC Atrium CMDB.

To find CIs that exist in Infrastructure Management, but not in Atrium CMDB, use the mquery CLI command.

Enter the following command from a command line:

mquery CellName -d -a ClassName -w SearchCriteria -s AttributesToPrint -f FileFormat

For example:

mquery -n pncell_vw-pun-ngp-dv0087 -d -a BMC_ComputerSystem -w "DatasetId: != BMC.ASSET" -s "Name" -f CSV

The values of the FileFormat parameter can be CSV, or BAROC, or XML.

The following is the output of the mquery command. It displays CIs that are not present in BMC Atrium CMDB. For example, if you selected to find CIs that belong to the Computer System type, only CIs of the Computer System type that are not present in BMC Atrium CMDB are displayed.

C:\Program Files\BMC 
Software\ProactiveNet\pw\server\bin>mquery -n pncell_punemachine -d 
-a BMC_ComputerSystem -w "DatasetId: != BMC.ASSET" -s "Name" -f CSV 
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