Downloading the global thresholds configuration

The Global Thresholds configuration can be saved in CSV format. This allows you to quickly reference the threshold configuration values offline without having to log on to the TrueSight console. Use the download icon from the Configuration > Global Thresholds view toolbar to download the configurations. You can download the Absolute, Signature, and Abnormality threshold configurations each individually in a separate CSV file.


The downloaded CSV file:

  • Contains only the global thresholds configuration for monitor types.
  • Contains all the parameters and their values as seen on the console.
  • Name differs based on the thresholds type you selected.
  • Requires Microsoft Excel or an equivalent tool if you want to reformat or filter the data.

To download thresholds configuration from the TrueSight console

  1. From the toolbar, click the Download Thresholds configurationicon.
    The Download Thresholds configuration window appears.
  2. Select a Thresholds type to download from the Absolute, Signature, and Abnormality options.
  3. Click Download.

    The file is saved in the CSV format. For example, for Absolute thresholds, the file is saved with the name GlobalAbsoluteThresholdSettings.csv

Sample CSV files

Absolute threshold

Signature threshold

Abnormality threshold


  • If global thresholds are configured by any user of a default tenant * then the value for Created by Tenant Administrator? will be true.
  • In case of multi-tenant, if any user of a non-default tenant set or override the global thresholds then the value for Created by Tenant Administrator? will be false.

Where to go from here

Managing global thresholds on the TrueSight console


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