Creating the event processing rule(s) for a new policy type

Before you can define an event policy based on the user-defined policy type that you created, you must:

  • Create a new Knowledge Base rule or rules to define the event processing done by the policy type.
  • Copy the rule or rules to the Knowledge Base of each cell instance on which the user-defined policy is run.
    The event processing rule or rules that you define for the new user-defined policy type must:
  • Do dynamic selection (use the using_policy clause)
  • Reference the policy data class that describes the new policy type

To create the event processing rule for a new policy type

  1. Add a new file in the .../kb/rules directory, for example, my_policies.mrl, for the new event processing rule or rules for the new policy type.
  2. Edit the MRL file for the policy and write the event processing rule for the appropriate rule phase. 
    For more information, see  
  3. Add the file name for the new rule or rules to the compiler load list in the ...\kb\rule\.load file. 
  4. Compile the cell instance's Knowledge Base (KB) after defining the rule for the policy type. 
    For more information about compiling a KB, see Compiling a Knowledge Base - mccomp .
  5. Copy this KB change to every cell instance that uses a policy based on the new policy type. 
    The definition of the policy type is complete and users can now create policies based on it in the Custom Policy Type panel.
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