Configuring the Helix Environment for the BMC Helix Change Management integration

As a TrueSight Operations Management administrator, do the following: 

  1. In the Helix portal, create a work order requesting a new integration by using the client gateway from Helix to the TrueSight Operations Management on-premise environment. Provide the following information:

    • The Helix URL
    • Inbound connection to Helix:

      Connection typeGateway port
      TrueSightDev - 46000
      QA - 47000
      Prod - 48000

    • Outbound connection from Helix:

      Connection typeOn-prem server IPOn-prem server host nameOn-prem server port

      TrueSight Presentation Server server IP

      TrueSight Presentation Server server host name

      TrueSight Presentation Server port (443)

  2. Specify that the UDDI/ATWS server should be installed for the Dev, QA, and Prod environments.
  3. Specify that the following escalation objects are assigned on a dedicated pool:
    • Escalation “INT:CHGBPM:ProcessEvent” 
    • Escalation “INT:CHGBPM:SendEvent
  4. Specify that the CAI_ChangeManagementEventsSubscription_WS web service be published.
  5. If a CA-signed certificate is used by the on-premise TrueSight Presentation Server, provide the TrueSight Presentation Server name, server certificate, intermediate certificate, and the root certificate to the BMC Helix network team.


    If the the on-premise TrueSight Operations Management environment uses the TrueSight self-signed certificates, this step is not required.  The CA-signed certificate is deployed on the AR server.  This requires a redeployment/rolling restart of the AR servers in production.  In the Dev and QA environments, this results in a total outage because these instances have only one node.  This restart must be coordinated with the BMC Helix network team for the applicable change window

The BMC Helix network team does the following:

  1. Configures the host mapping to map the TrueSight Presentation Server sever host to the gateway server IP address.

  2. Creates and configures the gateway configuration file.

  3. Schedules a full restart of TrueSight Presentation Server for the host mapping to take effect.

  4. Provides a copy of the client gateway configuration file.

  5. Provides a copy of the Helix certificates for importing into the on-prem TrueSight Presentation Server environment.

  6. After configuration is done in the TrueSight environment, updates the port in the CHG:CHGBPM:BPPM form to use the server gateway port and performs a connectivity check.

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