Configuring BMC Atrium CMDB integration

Important: Use the TrueSight console to create, edit, or delete the integration

Do not use the integrate_atrium_cmdb script to create, edit, or delete the integration. Use the TrueSight console for these operations.

During the installation process, you have the option to configure the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server integration with Atrium CMDB. If you did not configure the Atrium CMDB integration during installation, you can configure it post installation of Infrastructure Management.


Before you configure integration with Atrium CMDB, ensure that BMC CMDB Extensions are installed on the computer where the Atrium CMDB is installed. For information about installing the CMDB extensions, see Preparing for BMC Atrium CMDB integration

If you integrate with Atrium CMDB in an AR Server Group, you must manually configure the pserver.conf file. Edit the ARSGroupMembers in the pserver.conf file and set to all AR Servers of the group that have reconciliation function enabled. See also Configuring the Publishing Server to integrate with an AR Server group.

At the time of installation, if you have selected not to integrate BMC Atrium CMDB, then you need to configure SDIG. For more information, see  Configuring the integration with BMC Service Resolution

To integrate Infrastructure Management with Atrium Service Context, see Enabling cross-launch to Atrium Service Context.

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