Associating monitors with a CI and verifying that they are associated

You can associate monitors with a CI and also verify that the monitors are associated with the appropriate CIs.

To associate monitors with a CI

  1. In the service model view, right-click the component and select Edit Component.

  2. In the Edit Service Component window, find the values for ID and Alias, and write those values down. The value of an alias can be an array of aliases.

  3. In the Service Model view, right-click a component and select Associate Monitors. The CI Monitor Associations window is displayed.

  4. In the CI Monitors Associations window, in Component, the class BMC_Application and name MyApplication of the component are displayed, along with a list of the component's aliases. By default, the first alias in the Alias list is associated with the monitors. To associate a different alias to the monitors, select another alias from the Alias list.

  5. The Add Selected option is highlighted when a monitor is selected. You can add as many monitors as you want by clicking Add Monitors and Copy From Group.

  6. To remove monitors, select the monitors you want to remove (press *Ctrl+Shift* for multiple-selections) and click Remove Selected.

  7. After making all associations, click Apply and Close.

To verify that the monitors are associated with the appropriate components

  1. Generate an event on the monitor(s), for example, generate a regular intelligent event using a threshold.

  2. After generating the event(s), inspect the event in the Open Events event list.

  3. To view the mc_smc_id and mc_smc_alias event slots, click the Edit Preferences button in the top-left of the Objects panel and select the Component ID and Component Alias slots.

  4. Select the event(s) you generated in the event list. For each event, verify that the component ID and component alias match those of the components with which you associated the monitors.

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